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22nd November 2017

ECE Gallery

ECE: Respecting & Caring for All Living Things - 30.10.2017

ECE students have begun sowing seeds and planting seedlings in the garden. This is an extension of the learning in class wherein the teachers talked about the importance of plants as sources of food and oxygen. The process of growing and nurturing plants in our garden is a powerful message to young children regarding the importance of respecting and caring for all living things in the environment.

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ECE: Annual Learn With Us Event - 22.05.2017

ECE held it's annual "Learn With Us" event on Monday, May 22. This was a very special evening when the KG students took on the role of teacher, and parents came to class and learn from their child. This was a wonderful opportunity for parents to experience the richness of the ECE environment and expand their understanding of the positive impact of early childhood education. The children took their role of teacher very seriously and delivered their lessons with confidence and pride. Congratulations to all our student-teachers, to all our wonderful parents, and to the team at ECE for a memorable and meaningful evening!

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ECE Parents Day 2017

ECE Parents' Day was held on 3rd April. All stage and room decorations were made by the children using recycled materials. Our ECE students had worked for about a month prior in preparation for the big day. In addition to their musical presentations, the children made hand beaded key chains as gifts for their Mama's and Baba's and then folded origami boxes to place the gift inside. Thank you to all our wonderful ECE parents for their support and attendance at this very special occasion!

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ECE Garden 2017

The ECE children have been working very hard in the ECE garden, and have now done some harvesting of the vegetables. Classes worked together to wash, peel, chop and cook everything into a wonderful vegetablesoup. We read the book "Growing Vegetable Soup" and enjoyed practicing our table manners and eating with our friends. Delicious!

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ECE Falcon Visit - 13.12.2016

ECE had a special visit from Qatar’s National Bird, the majestic falcon on the 13th December. Our students were learning about the falcon for weeks in preparation for the visit. They now know about the parts of the falcon (head, eyes, legs, talons, beak, wings, etc), the life cycle and hunting habits of this fascinating creature. The children prepared to meet the falcon by creating falcon crowns, falcon hats (with wings!) and also built their own falcons to perch on their arms. A special thank you to Mr. Abdullah and Mr. Faisal for taking the time to come and enrich the education of the very lucky children at ECE Al Khor. Shukrun Kateer! Check out the ECE classroom Weebly pages at emskhor.net for more falcon photos and fun.

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ECE: Our Wonderful Outdoor Garden 2016

Once again our ECE students are reaping the benefits of our wonderful outdoor garden. Children have been studying the parts of the seed, the water cycle, photosynthesis and caring for living things. They have sprouted their seeds indoors and have now moved the plants out to the garden. Each class has its own garden box and is responsible for the daily watering and weeding. We are using our garden and food waste to make compost, which is added to the soil for extra nutrients. Here are some of the things children are learning from gardening: Patience, waiting for things to grow;measuring and math activities; science concepts demonstrated through real experience; nurturing a respect and love for nature and for caring for living things. Our garden is an important teacher!

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1st Day of School at ECE Department - 18.09.2016

Our teachers planned every detail for a successful transition and meaningful learning to happen from the very first day of class. A special thank you to all our parents who were just as excited as their students to be at school. We look forward to lots of growing, learning and fun in the coming year!

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ECE Learn with Us! - 12.05.2016

Many thanks to all our wonderful ECE parents who participated in our recent "LEARN WITH US" event. This yearly occasion is a chance for our ECE students to be the teachers, and their parents are the students! The activities available in both the KG 1 and KG 2 classrooms represent some of the current topics of learning, as well as activities that are foundational to general skill building for the Early Years. The children were very serious about their role as a teacher, and many parents went home "smarter" that evening. A happy and knowledgeable time was had by all!

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