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23rd July 2017

General Gallery

EMS GOT TALENT! - 02.05.2017

The evening proved that EMS has got courage, enthusiasm, creativity, dedication, joyfulness, humor and, of course, loads of talent! The EMS Al Khor Talent Show was a resounding success and a great time was had by all!. Many thanks to the Student Council for organizing this fun event for the whole community!

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EMS Al Khor Art Exhibition 2016-2017

All parents welcome to come by and view the EMS Al Khor Art Exhibition 2016-17 on display in the reception area. Artwork contributions come from all year groups as well as some of our artistically talented members of staff.

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Earth Day Posters & Art Made From Recycled Materials 2017

Thank you to Ms. Kerri-Ann and the Earth Day Committee and to all the students who put their creativity into making Earth Day posters and brilliant works of art made from recycled materials.

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Gulf Week of Oral and Dental Health Awareness Campaign 2017

Last week, EMS Al Khor participated in the Gulf Week of Oral and Dental Health Awareness campaign initiated by the Ministry of Public Health. Nurse Samira educated our students from KG1-Year 3 about good oral hygiene practice. The MOEHE provided flyers, posters, videos and other supporting material, which Nurse Samira used to make the sessions fun and informative.

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TIBA Competition 2017

Our students recently competed in the local TIBA competition. The topics of the competition included: 1- The importance of the mosque in Islam. 2- Brotherhood between Muslims. 3- The relationships with Non-Muslims. Our students learned a lot about these topics, performed expertly and represented EMS very well. Many groups won prizes for their presentation. Thank-you to Ms Hala and her Arabic team for providing this wonderful learning experience for our students.

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Book Week Celebration - Literature & Reading 2017

We celebrated Book Week. We focused on literature and reading in an attempt to instill a stronger desire to read. Children of all year levels were encouraged to read and participate in fun, educational activities throughout the week. Some of these included: - Teachers and administrators reading aloud to different classes. - Extreme Reading competition where people posted photos of themselves reading. - Learners participated in many engaging reading activities and literacy games. - Wacky Wednesday when everyone dressed as crazy as possible and wore mismatched clothes, different shoes, socks, etc. - Thursday was Effective Communicator Day when everyone was encouraged to wear their pajamas to school.

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Science and Social Studies Projects 2017

Our students have spent the past few weeks in Science and Social Studies preparing their projects. The EMS judges then selected the top few projects from each year level to compete in the competition. This year's winners that have been entered to the competition are: Year 7: Bushra Bel Khair, Gargi Sawant and Shahd Wiss Year 8: Saskia Larasati, Diane Francisco and Khalid Bel Khair Year 9: Bushra Iman, Nada Qassem, Hadeil Elessawi and Maryam Mustafa

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Fabulous Book Week 2017

Many thanks to Ms. Wendy for organizing a fabulous Book Week filled with engaging fun activities related to reading and inspiring a love of books. Thanks also to the students for their enthusiasm in beautifying the school with fun and interesting doors about their favorite books!

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Arabic Week 2017

Congratulations to Ms. Hala and the Arabic Team who put together a fabulous week of Arabic activities. Some of these included an Arabic Book Fair, Spelling Bee, as well as poetry and short story competitions. Our learners enjoyed these engaging, educational fun activities. The week ended with a celebratory assembly of poems, songs, calligraphy displays and a play.

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The Nail Painting Club - 08.03.2017

The Nail Painting Club, sponsored by Ms. Mitzi is having a blast painting teachers' nails on Wednesdays. Teachers are also partaking of this After-School-Spa and fun time with our girls. Having a great time in Nail Painting!

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MUN Conference at Qatar National Convention Center 2017

This academic year, English Modern School-Al Khor joined the Model United Nations (MUN) programme organized by Georgetown University, Qatar. The goal of participating was to promote student understanding of our world and the issues we face so that they become more knowledgeable Global Citizens. After weeks of preparation, our select group of Secondary students attended the MUN Conference held at Qatar National Convention Center on 23rd-27th February, 2017. Students came not only from other schools in Qatar but from countries around the globe, with hundreds of students participating.

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EMS Al Khor World Read Aloud Day - 16.02.2017

On February 16th, EMS Al Khor celebrated World Read Aloud Day, undertaking classroom activities across all three divisions. As part of this initiative, Year 7 and 8 students read aloud to Year 1 and 2 students. Here are some reflections by Year 8 about their experience: “Reading with the Year 2s was fun and adorable. They read the book with me but they were distracted sometimes. I asked them questions and they gave funny answers. I enjoyed reading with the Year 2s and I hope this encouraged them to read more.” – John “Last Thursday was a memorable day for us Year 8s. We got the chance to enjoy and learn together with Year 1 and 2s. We were reading some children’s books for them. We practiced some metacognitive strategies and we enjoyed it so much. In the beginning, I felt shy with Year 1 and I’m sure they also felt the same. When we started reading the book, my shyness turned into happiness. Seeing the little kids improving themselves made me so proud and happy. I hope we will do this much more often so that we’ll have more fun while learning. I’ll never forget this memorable day for all of us.” – Diane

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Arabic Book Fair 2017

As part of our Arabic Language Week, last week EMS Al Khor hosted an Arabic Book Fair courtesy of Dar Al Qalam Publishing and Distribution. The exhibition included the latest versions of meaningful books relating especially to the Arabic Reading Challenge. The aim was to encourage students to read books in Arabic to develop their Arabic language skills and improve their reading.

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2nd Step Information Evening For Parents - 20.02.2017

Ms. Dorota and Ms. Biteena hosted a 2nd Step Information Evening for parents of the ECE and Primary School on February 20th. After giving an overview of this character education program that is being taught school-wide on all three EMS campuses, the presenters shared some ideas of how parents can reinforce their child's learning at home.

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Students from Global Perspectives & General Paper: Trip to MIA 2017

Students from Global Perspectives and General Paper took a trip to the Museum of Islamic Art to view the work of Iraqi artist Dia Al-Azzawi. The collection is one of the first times in history that the work of an artist's entire life was brought together for a showing. The students have been studying conflict and peace as well as national sovereignty. Much of Azzawi's work is concerned with conflict in the region and thus we were able to look at the work of an individual who has spent much of his life communicating about those very things.

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EMS Al Khor Celebrated Our International Community  2017

EMS Al Khor celebrated our international community with a series of assemblies where Years 1-9 made enthusiastic contributions of song, dance and drama. A highlight of the International Week activities was a visit from the ECE students who sang in the courtyard to the enjoyment of all.

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International Week: Students Enjoyed Visiting Different Countries 2017

Primary School students carried "passports" this morning and enjoyed visiting the different countries represented by each class. They learned about the country’s culture, food, music and people while participating in engaging and educational activities. Students in Primary and Secondary decorated their doors as the country they represented for the occasion.

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 International Week Celebrations 2017

EMS Al Khor began its International Week celebrations with an all-school gathering in the courtyard and a parade of flags from around the globe representing our students and staff.

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Year 3 Students -  Tinikling (National Folk Dance) - 17.01.2017

Students from Year 3 upwards are learning Tinikling, the national folk dance of the Philippines. Tinikling involves coordination, group work and problem solving, sequencing, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility. The dance is performed with individuals beating two 8-12 foot long poles, usually bamboo, in a given rhythm. Dancers move in varied foot patterns through the poles. Tinikling offers students equal measures of challenge and fun! To view more photos and videos, please visit the PE Primary and Secondary School Weeblies.

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Qatar National Day School Celebration 2016

We had wonderful assemblies on Wednesday, 14th December to celebrate and show respect for Qatar National Day. These assemblies were very well attended by the parents. The assemblies were very entertaining and included reading of the Quran, singing, dancing, acting, and traditional sword dancing. Students had the opportunity to have henna, face painting and tattoos. Many students, teachers and administrators dressed in Qatari attire or in the colours of the national flag. I would like to thank Ms Hala and Mr Reda and the Arabic team for organising the celebrations and all the staff who assisted in making it such a successful day. Thank-you parents for coming and showing your support for your children.

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EMS Al Khor Student Council for SY 2016-2017

"Meet the EMS Al Khor Student Council for 2016-2017"

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Year 5-12: Special Assembly - 10.11.2016

On Thursday, November 10th, a special assembly was held with Years 5-12, to elect this year's Student Council Representatives. Impressive speeches were given by all candidates! Afterwards, students returned to their classrooms to vote. The competition was close except for an almost unanimous vote for the new Student Council President. Morgan, a Year 11 student, won the hearts and minds of almost the entire student body with his honest, insightful and entertaining speech.

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Your Health First Programme at QNCC - 30.10.2016

On 30th October 2016, twelve selected students of EMS Al Khor attended the 5th Anniversary of the Sahtak Awalan- Your Health First’ programme conducted by Weill Cornell Medical College Doha, Qatar at the Qatar National Convention Centre. Ms.Marisol and Ms.Tessy accompanied the students. Her Excellency Sheikha Mozah was the guest of honour of the function. There were some fantastic presentations about the health first programme and a speech from a former student of Weill Cornell that were informative and entertaining. Our students enjoyed the performances of various groups of students about "Healthy Living".

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EMS Al Khor Health Initiative - 16.10.2016

EMS Al Khor has been involved with the Growth Programme that was set by the, Ministry of Health (MOH), for all schools in Qatar. This initially started in January 2016 and took over two months to complete all necessary recordings and paperwork. Some students were re-measured and re-weighed six months later to gain further data. Our EMS Al Khor nurse, Nurse Helen, made referrals of the under and overweight students, and notified the local nutrition team from the Al Khor Hospital. On Sunday, 16th October, a nutritionist from the Al Khor Hospital, along with Nurse Helen, hosted an informative and comprehensive presentation to the parents involved in the study. The presentation was well attended and all present learned valuable information about healthy food and life style choices. There were even examples of healthy foods for parents and students to sample! Parents were encouraged to liaise with the nutritional team at Al Khor Hospital for further professional advice regarding their children’s Body Mass Index and healthy life choices. Our staff at EMS Al Khor is dedicated to improve our students’ health and well-being by providing healthy food choices at our cafeteria and offering athletic after-school activities. Nurse Helen will also continue to monitor these and all students at EMS Al Khor. Hopefully, all of our children will be of acceptable body weight and enjoy healthy lives

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ESLR Dress-Up Day: Ethical Individuals - 13.10.2016

On Thursday, 13th October, we successfully celebrated our first ESLR Dress-up Day as Ethical Individuals. Ethical Individuals at EMS are fair, honest and take care of others. They understand the difference between right and wrong and make good choices. There were many students, teachers and administrators dressed as doctors, nurses, teachers, police and service men. It was wonderful to see so many Ethical Individuals in our EMS community. Thank-you, for your support and enthusiasm with this project. Our next ESLR Dress-Up Day is on the 17th November when we will be focusing on Independent Learners. We look forward to seeing many people dressed as Independent Learners (scientists, explorers, Nobel Peace Prize winners, etc.).

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ECE & Primary: 2nd Step Programme 2016-2017

Ms. Dorota, our Curriculum Coordinator, has been modelling the 2nd Step Programme for our teachers in the ECE and Primary School. Students are finding the lessons fun and engaging while developing skills to make them better learners.

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Back to School Parent Meetings (26-29.09.2016)

Last week was very busy with Back-to-School presentations in each division. Parents were entertained and informed by teachers through presentations on our expectations, daily routines and the curriculum. Everyone left feeling more knowledgeable about what the children of EMS experience at school. It was wonderful to see so many parents present. Thank-you for your continued support.

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