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21st September 2017

General Gallery

Primary & Secondary School Parent Nights - 18-19.09.2017

This week Parent Nights were held both in the Primary and Secondary School. Teachers shared important information on a range of topics such as EMS Al Khor curricula as well as school and classroom expectations and resources.

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Patience, Orderliness & Self-Discipline 2017-2018

Every morning at EMS Al Khor, our students line up in the courtyard and are escorted to class by their teachers in an orderly fashion. This daily routine allows students to begin their day in a quiet and predictable manner. Learning to stand in a queue also teaches students patience, orderliness and self-discipline. This is why we also have students lineup at the end of break and the day. When students arrive late to school in the morning, they miss this important learning opportunity and disrupt learning in the classroom. As it is the beginning of the year, we would like to take this opportunity to highlight the importance of students arriving on time every day. Thank you!

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First Day of School @ EMS Al Khor - 10.09.2017

Welcome back EMS Al Khor families! Everyone got off to a great start as new and returning students jumped right into the learning process on the first day of school. Wishing everyone a wonderful year ahead!

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EMS GOT TALENT! - 02.05.2017

The evening proved that EMS has got courage, enthusiasm, creativity, dedication, joyfulness, humor and, of course, loads of talent! The EMS Al Khor Talent Show was a resounding success and a great time was had by all!. Many thanks to the Student Council for organizing this fun event for the whole community!

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EMS Al Khor Art Exhibition 2016-2017

All parents welcome to come by and view the EMS Al Khor Art Exhibition 2016-17 on display in the reception area. Artwork contributions come from all year groups as well as some of our artistically talented members of staff.

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Earth Day Posters & Art Made From Recycled Materials 2017

Thank you to Ms. Kerri-Ann and the Earth Day Committee and to all the students who put their creativity into making Earth Day posters and brilliant works of art made from recycled materials.

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Gulf Week of Oral and Dental Health Awareness Campaign 2017

Last week, EMS Al Khor participated in the Gulf Week of Oral and Dental Health Awareness campaign initiated by the Ministry of Public Health. Nurse Samira educated our students from KG1-Year 3 about good oral hygiene practice. The MOEHE provided flyers, posters, videos and other supporting material, which Nurse Samira used to make the sessions fun and informative.

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TIBA Competition 2017

Our students recently competed in the local TIBA competition. The topics of the competition included: 1- The importance of the mosque in Islam. 2- Brotherhood between Muslims. 3- The relationships with Non-Muslims. Our students learned a lot about these topics, performed expertly and represented EMS very well. Many groups won prizes for their presentation. Thank-you to Ms Hala and her Arabic team for providing this wonderful learning experience for our students.

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Book Week Celebration - Literature & Reading 2017

We celebrated Book Week. We focused on literature and reading in an attempt to instill a stronger desire to read. Children of all year levels were encouraged to read and participate in fun, educational activities throughout the week. Some of these included: - Teachers and administrators reading aloud to different classes. - Extreme Reading competition where people posted photos of themselves reading. - Learners participated in many engaging reading activities and literacy games. - Wacky Wednesday when everyone dressed as crazy as possible and wore mismatched clothes, different shoes, socks, etc. - Thursday was Effective Communicator Day when everyone was encouraged to wear their pajamas to school.

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Science and Social Studies Projects 2017

Our students have spent the past few weeks in Science and Social Studies preparing their projects. The EMS judges then selected the top few projects from each year level to compete in the competition. This year's winners that have been entered to the competition are: Year 7: Bushra Bel Khair, Gargi Sawant and Shahd Wiss Year 8: Saskia Larasati, Diane Francisco and Khalid Bel Khair Year 9: Bushra Iman, Nada Qassem, Hadeil Elessawi and Maryam Mustafa

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Fabulous Book Week 2017

Many thanks to Ms. Wendy for organizing a fabulous Book Week filled with engaging fun activities related to reading and inspiring a love of books. Thanks also to the students for their enthusiasm in beautifying the school with fun and interesting doors about their favorite books!

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Arabic Week 2017

Congratulations to Ms. Hala and the Arabic Team who put together a fabulous week of Arabic activities. Some of these included an Arabic Book Fair, Spelling Bee, as well as poetry and short story competitions. Our learners enjoyed these engaging, educational fun activities. The week ended with a celebratory assembly of poems, songs, calligraphy displays and a play.

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MUN Conference at Qatar National Convention Center 2017

This academic year, English Modern School-Al Khor joined the Model United Nations (MUN) programme organized by Georgetown University, Qatar. The goal of participating was to promote student understanding of our world and the issues we face so that they become more knowledgeable Global Citizens. After weeks of preparation, our select group of Secondary students attended the MUN Conference held at Qatar National Convention Center on 23rd-27th February, 2017. Students came not only from other schools in Qatar but from countries around the globe, with hundreds of students participating.

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