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21st September 2017

Primary Gallery

Year 6 Students Shared

On Thursday, Year 6 students shared "Me Bags" with their classmates. This was a great a way for students to get to know each other and to practice their presentation skills right at the beginning of the year. The students thoroughly enjoyed the activity and did a super job!

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Fourth Annual Year 6 Stepping Up Ceremony - 14.06.2017

On Wednesday, June 14th, EMS Al Khor celebrated it's fourth annual Year 6 Stepping Up Ceremony. Congratulations to our future Year 7 students and to all the students who won Academic Achievement Awards! Encouraging words were spoken by the Year 6 Valedictorian, Naveen, and Crystal who spoke on behalf of Year 5. The students honoured their teacher, Ms. Liezel, with a special gift and Year 7 students bestowed Keys of Wisdom to the Year 6 graduates.

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Primary Final  Assembly & ESLR Awards - 07.06.2017

On Wednesday, June 7th, EMS Al Khor held it's final Primary Assembly of the academic year. The event was hosted by Year 5B. Congratulations to all those who received ESLR Awards this month!

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Primary Cycle B Assembly & ESLR Awards - 3105.2017

On Wednesday, May 31st, Year 3C hosted the Primary Assembly Cycle B. In honor of Ramadan, classes gave performances in Arabic. As usual, much excitement surrounded the Golden Ticket lucky draw, with many winners this month. Congratulations to all those who received ESLR Awards this month!

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Primary Cycle A Assembly and ESLR Awards - 24.05.2017

Congratulations to all the students who were given ESLR Awards at the Primary Cycle A Assembly on May 24th!

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Primary School Science Fair - 23.05.2017

On Tuesday, May 23rd, students participated with enthusiasm in the Primary School Science Fair. Well done to all!

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Primary Cycle C Assembly & ESLR Awards – 17.05.2017

Primary Cycle C Assembly on May 17th was hosted by 4B. In pairs, the students introduced their peers, who shared class learning. The assembly had a special focus on Arabic contributions, including an Arabic music piece and some readings. Congratulations to all students who received ESLR Awards in this assembly!

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Primary Cycle B Assembly & ESLR Awards - 11.05.2017

Primary Cycle B Assembly today was confidently hosted by two students from 2C. Students demonstrated their skills in playing the xylophone, singing, and reading. Congratulations to our ESLR Award winners this month!

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Primary Cycle A Assembly & ESLR Awards - 03.05.2017

Primary Assembly A on May 3rd was hosted by Year 1A. Students gave enthusiastic performances, enjoyed by their peers, teachers and parents alike. Congratulations to all who earned ESLR Awards this month.

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Year 1 - Art Class  Created Their Own Pictures Of Plants (April 2017)

After studying plants in the classroom, the year 1 students created their own pictures of plants in art class. They first sketched the two large potted plants in the school lobby and included all the parts of the plants they had studied. Next, they learned how to make lots of different shades of green by mixing blue and yellow colors together and then painted their plants. After they finished painting, the students created interesting backgrounds for their plants using strips of recycled magazine pages.

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Year 4, 5 & 6 Musical Production: Dig It! - 12.04.2017

Year 4, 5 and 6 students performed a fantastic musical production: Dig It!! on the 12th April. All students worked very hard, were well prepared and presented an excellent performance. Well Done to all involved! Congratulations to Ms. Dianne and Mr. William for directing and producing these entertaining performances.

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Year 3 Musical Production: How Does Your Garden Grow - 12.04.2017

Year 3 students preformed a brilliant musical production: How Does Your Garden Grow? on the 12th April. It was a fantastic performance. Their hard work over the past few months really paid off. Their singing and acting were excellent and they were the best flowers, weeds, gardeners and animals EMS has ever seen!! Congratulations to Ms. Dianne and Mr. William for directing and producing these entertaining performances.

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Year 1: Dandelion Art Project 2017

Year 1 students tried something new in Art Class last term by making flowers using their fingerprints. They studied dandelion plants and parts of the plant. They sketched the stem leaves and put in lots of lines for the petal areas. Then they used their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills to make the top of the dandelion using their fingerprints. The students used lots of color and had loads of fun.

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Primary Assembly & ESLR Awards - 05.04.2017

Primary Assembly this week for Years 3, 2C and 2D was hosted by 3A. As always, students were excited to see who the winners were of the Golden Ticket lucky draw. Two students from 3C, Atishay and Arpit, engaged the whole audience with a math and science project they have been working on to create the strongest possible structure using paper. Classes sang songs about the importance of exercise, about finding unity in diversity and counting by fives. The assembly ended with a story and the honoring of this month's ESLR award winners.

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Primary Cycle A Assembly & ESLR Awards - 29.03.2017

Congratulations to all our ESLR winners in the Primary Cycle A Assembly last Wednesday which was brilliantly hosted by Year 2B. The assembly was well attended by parents who enjoyed students sharing their learning about even and odd numbers and fiction and non-fiction books. We also enjoyed a days-of-the-week game and an exercise demonstration.

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