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13th December 2017

School Leadership




He believes that an effective school leader’s role is to empower, inspire and motivate others. This type of leadership can promote the changes needed to prepare learners for their future achievements. Strong collaboration and trust between parents, students, teachers and leaders is the foundation to help learners achieve high academic standards and help them to become life-long learners and active citizens.

I believe in being an effective leader by raising expectations for students, staff members and the entire school community based on a common vision which inspires and motivates all the stakeholders. This we can achieve by working in partnership with all and having an open and continuous communication to inform and support student learning.

Ensuring continuous professional growth for all by providing continuous professional development based on the best practices which focus on improving learning for every child ensuring that every child has the right to learn and grow and be successful by allowing professionals to work together in order to redesign and change as we work with individuals and make a difference.



Head of School

I am pleased to introduce myself to new parents and to reacquaint myself to returning families.

My name is Joan Marie Larter and this is my 2nd year as Head of School at EMS, Al Khor. I am Canadian and I have worked as an educator in 6 countries. I have been an administrator in the Middle East for the past 9 years. Prior to joining the Al Khor team, I was Primary Principal at the EMS Doha campus. Each of these opportunities has offered very different cultural insights. I feel these experiences have allowed me to be more open-minded and have a better understanding of people of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds, both professionally and socially.

I am excited to be returning to EMS- Al Khor and look forward to another successful year, working with our dynamic administrative team and dedicated, diligent teachers to ensure your children get the best educational experiences possible.Ms Biteena.


School Counselor

After completing a Master’s Degree in Counselling from the University of South Australia, I earned a Professional Specialization in Solution-Focused Practice. My experience as a school counselor has taught me that the most effective way to support students, teachers and parents is by focusing on goals and strengths.

I worked for six years at an international school in Singapore, where I supported students from age 5 through 18. I love the variety of meeting with students in different developmental stages, because each phase is so unique with its own charm. I find human development a fascinating topic, in particular the role caregivers (parents and teachers) play in a child’s development and unfolding personality. One of my favorite quotes is, “Intelligence is not enough. Intelligence plus character–that is the goal of true education” (MLK).  Through my training in Sandplay Therapy & Symbol Work (a Jungian influenced approach) and background in positive psychology, the focus of my work with students is to help them see themselves as “a work in progress,” “an evolving human being,” like we all are, striving to learn and grow and reach our full potential.  Michele Cooke.


Curriculum Coordinator

My name is Michele Cooke and I am the new Curriculum Coordinator at Al Khor. I have a husband who is a retired principal and is currently learning to embrace retirement.  I have a son who lives in the states and is currently working as a regional manager and cicerone with a startup company. I have been an educator for more than 30 years and I am looking forward to working with the faculty, staff, and students at EMS.

I have taught grades two through eight and special education. I began my teaching career in the public-school system in the United States and remained in that system for 16 1/2 years. I then accepted by first overseas position, which was in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  I taught in Saudi Arabia for one year and went back to the states and owned and operated a sign company.  Since then I have worked in Bangladesh, China, Africa, and Saudi Arabia, again.  I am excited to be in Qatar and truly look forward to the adventure that awaits.

As a strong proponent of lifelong learning, I believe that education is a journey and not a destination. To that end,  I have a bachelor of arts degree in elementary education earned at Arizona State University.  I earned my master of science degree at the State University of New York at Buffalo in Multidisciplinary Studies with a specialization in leadership.  Most recently, I earned my doctorate degree from Bethel University in Educational Administration. And the journey continues!

jean rivard


ECE and Lower Primary Principal

It is my pleasure to introduce myself as a new member of the EMS AlKhor School as the ECE and Lower Primary Principal.

My name is Jean Rivard,I am from the United States. I have been in education for over 30 years in international schools as a teacher and for the last 8 years as a Principal in Early Childhood and Primary.
My international experience allows me to adapt and understand other cultures and learn from other education systems. It has helped me to become open minded, and continue as a lifetime learner.

I am thrilled to join such a dynamic and diverse group of educators and enthusiastic community of students and parents who believe in an education based on values and understand the importance of the student holistically.



Upper Primary & Secondary Principal

My name is Jennie Major and I am the Upper Primary and Secondary Principal.  I am from the United States and have been in education for 16 years. I have taught Art, Math, English, ESL, and Social Studies.  My students have ranged in ages from 3 years old to 70 years old.  I have been an Assistant Principal in Primary and Secondary School.  I received my Certificate of International School Leadership in 2015.  Last Spring I earned my second Master’s Degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo in Multidisciplinary Studies with a specialization in Leadership.

This is my 6th year with the EMS family and my 4th year at EMS, AL Khor.  I am privileged to be part of the EMS, Al Khor community where the teachers and the parents work together in partnership to provide such a large experience for the children at a school as small as ours. I believe that all children have a love for learning; it is our job as educators to figure out what they love to learn.

hala jarar


IGCSE Arabic as Foreign Language / Arabic Coordinator

My name is Hala Jarar and I am from Egypt. I teach IGCSE Arabic as foreign language and Islamiyat for high school students at EMS Al Khor. I am also the Arabic Coordinator. I have a Bachelor of Science (King Abdul-Aziz University) Saudi Arabia 1993) , and a Diploma in teaching Arabic for non-arab speakers (Cairo University 2012-2013).  I have 16 years of teaching experience for primary and secondary students in Arabic and International schools. I have much experience in the education field and have taken many of training courses In Arabic Language and Islamic Studies at the Qudurat Islamic center (Al Khor ), Dar Al Arqam Islamic center and Qatar Foundation.

My aim is to teach the students Arabic as Second Language in a way that is exciting and encourages my students to enjoy coming to Arabic class to learn Arabic. I also encourage my students to know more about their Islamic culture and history.

I love teaching in English Modern School, because it is an atmosphere of love and familiarity between teachers and management, and respect for others.

Also the competitions that we have already participated in have been successful, and encouraging, where we challenged ourselves and won the first positions, these competitions has shaped the character of our students and has instilled in them the spirit of challenge and discovery.

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