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23rd July 2017

Secondary Gallery

Secondary Assembly (End of Term Merit & Excellence Awards) - 20.06.2017

Congratulations to all our Secondary students who received Merit Awards and Excellence Awards in the end-of-term Secondary Awards Assembly on 20 June 2017.

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Secondary Assembly & ESLR Awards - 06.06.2017

During the June 6th Secondary Assembly, students were recognized for their Science Fair contributions, ESLR Awards were given and the Student Council gave Certificates of Appreciation to our external staff (cleaners and security) who have served EMS Al Khor diligently and reliably all year.

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On Thursday, June 8th, EMS Al Khor proudly celebrated the Graduating Class of 2017! This is EMS Al Khor's first cohort of graduates. We wish Asma, Noof, Daniel, Isaac, and Rizaldi all the best in their future studies and endeavours!

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Year 10 In-House Retreat - 21.05.2017

On Sunday, May 21st, Year 10 enjoyed an in-house retreat, participating in a range of team-building and reflective activities. The class celebrated their victory in the Team Spirit competition with a pot-luck lunch and, the following day, with a fun field trip of their choosing.

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Thermometer Competition 2017

The heat is on! In Term 2, Student Council started a competition to promote a positive climate in the Secondary School. SC Representatives made "Thermometers" for each class. Classes can earn "lines" by coming to school wearing correct uniform, by being on time to Homeroom in the morning, for participating in Student Council and school events and for winning external awards. Thermometers were displayed in today's Secondary Assembly showing Year 8 in the lead! Winners of the Thermometer Competition will earn a fun field trip before the end of the school year.

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Term 2 Secondary Academic Awards 2017

Congratulations to all the Secondary students who received Academic Awards in Term 2! Special recognition must be given to Diane (Y8) and Shahd (Y7) for their outstanding achievement in the National Health First Poster Competition. Out of all the students in Qatar, ten students received awards for their posters and Diane and Shahd were two of them. Another feather in the EMS Al Khor cap this past term, was the highest achievement award of “Excellence” given to Khadija (Y8) for her performance in the National Koran Competition.

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Secondary Division: Award Evening - 06.04.2017

Thursday evening was Award Evening at EMS Al Khor, a special event for our stars of Secondary division. It was a fun evening of games, film and treats for our well-behaved, scholars. Thank-you to the Student Council, Ms.Jennie, Ms.Hanellie, and student council for organising it and for all the staff members who attended to make it such a successful occasion.

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Year 8 Morning Retreat -  02.04.2017

On Sunday, April 2nd, Year 8 enjoyed a morning retreat. The students engaged in a variety of bonding activities and personal reflections, raising their awareness of themselves and their classmates. A great time was had by all!

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Term 2 Secondary Assemblies

Tuesday Assemblies are a weekly event for our Secondary students to share and build community. In Term 2, students demonstrated a science experiment, gave a range of interesting presentations about Islam and read poems they had written. The Student Council organized a Meme Contest and launched a "Thermometer Contest" that will run to the end of the school year. A highlight of the Term 2 assemblies was a fun team-building circle activity facilitated by our Drama teacher, Mr. William. Congratulations to all students earned ESLR Awards in Term 2!

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Year 7: In-House Retreat - 26.03.2017

Year 7 enjoyed an in-house retreat, taking part in a range of team building activities, punctuated with opportunities for self-reflection. The spirit of the day was defined by fun, camaraderie, and trust.

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Year 9 Informative Trip: Gulf English School Career Fair - 22.03.2017

Year 9 enjoyed an informative trip to the Gulf English School Career Fair today. Students visited the many booths, asking questions and gathering information about universities, organizations, professions, and services relating to potential careers. This is an annual event hosted by GES, which we will surely participate in again!

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Mr. James Harding From SI-UK - 15.03.2017

Last Wednesday, EMS Al Khor was honored to have a guest speaker, Mr. James Harding from SI-UK, host an information evening at our school. Study in the UK is an organization that supports international students who want to study in Great Britain. SI-UK services are free of charge and help international students not just get into the university of their choice but also supports them in their transition to living and studying in a foreign country.

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Our Year 11 Global Perspectives Students - 14.03.2017

Yesterday, three students from our Year Eleven Global Perspectives class had the incredible opportunity to interview the UK Ambassador to Qatar. Ambassador Ajay Sharma served as the UK Charge d' Affaires in Iran and played a key role in the nuclear negotiations. The students were able to sit down with the Ambassador for an hour and discuss the negotiations and the political and cultural context surrounding them. The students did an amazing job in preparing and executing the interview.

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A Visit From Qatar University - 07.02.2017

EMS Al Khor was honored today by a visit from Qatar University representative, Mrs. Fatma Ahmad Al-Muhannadi. Information was shared regarding the wide range of degree programs offered at QU and the basic admissions requirements.

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Secondary Assembly - 18.01.2017

Congratulations to our excellent students who received academic awards in the Secondary Assembly this week. At the end of the assembly, our Student Council President, Morgan, introduced the "Meme Contest" which is being organized by the Student Council to encourage a fun and creative school spirit.

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Secondary Assembly - 09.01.2017

Tuesday, 9th January, Secondary Assembly hosted a Career Pathway speaker, Dr. Alexia Arellano from Lotus Dental Center in Al Khor. She spoke to the students about the dental profession and the challenges, especially for women, of balancing career and family. EMS Al Khor and students who participated in last year's "The Challenge" poster competition were also honored at the assembly.

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HS Students Spent the Morning at Education City - 07.12.2016

On Wednesday, December 7th, Years 10, 11 and 12 spent the morning at Education City. Students could choose between the liberal arts tour (visiting Virginia Commonwealth University, Georgetown University and Northwestern University) and the science- oriented tour (visiting Weill Cornell Medical College, Carnegie Mellon University and Texas A&M University). The tours included information about the programs and university application process. After an inspirational morning, students gathered in the Student Center at Hamad Bin Khalifa University for lunch and a brief wait in the majlis before returning to EMS Al Khor.

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Year 7, 8 & 9: The Stories of Sheherazade - 08.12.2016

On Thursday evening, December 8th, after many weeks of hard work, students in Years 7, 8 and 9 staged their musical production "The Stories of Sheherazade." Our young actors and actresses showed great enthusiasm, entertaining the audience with an intriguing plot, super songs and fabulous costumes. Congratulations to all who participated and helped to put on another successful EMS Al Khor Secondary School Production!

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Secondary School: Variety of Performances - 07.12.2016

Secondary School students have enjoyed a variety of performances this term, including a song in Spanish by Year 10 and a drama performance by Year 9. Last week, we had a guest speaker, Mr. Mohammed Korany talk to the students about pursuing a career in engineering and, this week, Mr. Craig presented awards to the students who participated in the National Robotics Olympiad.

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ESLR Assembly in Secondary - 15.11.16

Congratulations to the winners of the ESLR awards in the Secondary Assembly on November 15th 2016!

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Secondary Math is Fun Night - 07.11.2016

EMS Al Khor hosted its third annual Secondary Math is Fun Night. It was an opportunity for students to challenge their parents in math games that covered topics the students have been covering in class. The evening was a relaxing and the competition was enjoyable. The winners of the chocolate weight estimations were Johnmark, who won the Galaxy chocolate jar and Matthias, who won the Kit-Kat chocolate jar.

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A VIP Visit From Georgetown University School - 08.11.2016

On November 8th, a VIP visit from Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar graced our Secondary School Assembly. The Director of Admissions, Mr. Joe Hernandez, together with the Admissions Officer, Ms. Mariam Lachin, addressed the gathering of Year 7-12 students. The speakers placed GU in a historic and global context, giving our students a deeper understanding of what it truly means to be a Global Citizen.

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A Visit From Northwestern University (November 2016)

Assistant Director of Admissions of Northwestern University in Qatar, Ms. Amira Hariri, and Northwestern's Writing Center Specialist, Ms. Bronwyn Bethel, visited EMS Al Khor today to speak with our High School students. Ms. Hariri gave the students an overview of the wide range of professions supported by degrees in Communications and Journalism. Following this, Ms. Bethel introduced the students to 'do's and don'ts' of writing an effective personal essay, an essential component of most university applications.

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A Visit From Virginia Commonwealth University - 18.10.2016

EMS Al Khor had the great privilege today of hosting a visit from Virginia Commonwealth University. Ms. Fatima, the Admissions Counselor, addressed the Secondary students in our morning assembly. Students listened very attentively as Ms. Fatima described the interesting Art & Design programs offered at VCU, as well as the wide range of employment opportunities available to their graduates.

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Secondary Assembly - 11.10.2016

Secondary School Tuesday morning assemblies are off to a great start. This term, so far, students have played an instrument, sung a song and read a poem. This week, we had our first ESLR awards.

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Year 7 & 8  Original Plays in English Class - 12.06.2016

For the last month of the school year, Years 7 and 8 worked on writing, rehearsing, and performing their own original plays in English class. The plays had to involve a positive theme that related to the students' lives in some way. The students truly did a wonderful job memorizing their lines and showed their enthusiasm by bringing their own costumes. Kudos to Mr. Mitch, our committed English teacher, for developing students’ hard skills by engaging their creativity and imagination!

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Year 7 & 8 Expressing Themselves Through Poetry - 03.05.2016

An essential aspect of learning is the art of expression. For the past two weeks Year 7 and 8 students have worked on expressing themselves through poetry, discussing topics such as friendship and emotions, to their love for pizza. The students gave confident readings of their poems in this morning's Secondary Assembly. If you would like to read some of their work, many of them are on display next to the Year 8 homeroom classroom.

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6-Aside Football Tournament (Al-Khor Sports Club) - 20.03.2016

EMS Al Khor held a boys 6-aside football tournament at the Al-Khor sports club on March 20th. Four teams squared off in a round robin tournament, playing three fifteen minute matches and ending with a ten minute playoff match. Thank you to all the fans that came out to watch!

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